6. Triplanar Mode

This demo is located at "Assets/PlaceholderSoftware/WetStuff/Demos/6. Triplanar Mapping"

Demo Scene 3

This scene demonstrates how to use triplanar mapping mode to project different details onto different faces depending upon their direction.

Puddle is set to Triplanar mode, this means that there are three detail layers available. The X Detail Layer projects along the +X and -X axes (left and right), Y Detail Layer along +Y and -Y (up and down) and Z Detail Layer along +Z and -Z (forward and backward).

All channels in the X layer are completely disabled, this causes the front and back of the barrel (from the point of view of the above image to be dry). The Y layer has a circular layer mask, so the top and bottom surfaces are wet. The Z detail layer has the layer mask set to white noise (rgba-white-noise texture), with the threshold set to maximum so it is all wet.


Try adjusting the following and observing how the scene changes:

  • Change the Face Sharpness mode. This controls how sharp the transition is from one direction to the next.

  • Change the Z Detail Layer threshold, note how only surfaces facing in the +Z or -Z directions are affected.

  • Enable a channel in the X Detail Layer.