3. Rain With Timeline

This demo is located at "Assets/PlaceholderSoftware/WetStuff/Demos/3. Rain"

Demo Scene 3

This scene demonstrates how to create a rain effect using timeline. This scene contains 2 decals.

Rain is a rain drop effect, it simulates individual drops hitting the ground and creating tiny puddles. This is done by using the rgba-noise-white texture which contains white noise in all channels. As the threshold is increased many tiny spots appear. To simulate heavier rain you should increase the speed at which the threshold increases or use more channels (using two channels is equivalent to doubling the speed in one channel). The mode of the red channel is set to Advanced Range Remap, this means that limits can be set on the maximum and minimum wetness values generated. In this case the maximum wetness value has been adjusted down slightly (just below the level of a puddle), to simulate the ground being damp instead of puddles forming.

Puddle is a simple puddle. It is faded in once there are a lot of rain drops on the ground.


Try adjusting the following and observing how the scene changes: